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When in doubt, Overprepare

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Our topic for today is very interesting and something that I keep reminding my students. Q n A is one round that you can leave no stone unturned. You have to be well prepared. Answering promptly so that you don’t flounder is more important than 100% accuracy.
Here’s a handy interview tips that we have put together to help:
  • Keep up with current events: There’s very high chances that you’ll be asked about what’s going on in the world and for that you have to be updated with all current affairs,  it’s my personal suggestion that you must read newspaper regularly, listen to CNN, BBC OR REPUBLIC news for all updates. This helps you in two ways, one your current affairs are updated, second new vocabulary can be made. Make watching the news a regular habit. ( important tip: you can watch it while you are busy running on treadmill or doing planks.)
  • Have your answers ready: If there is any information that you have used already in your introduction then for your Q n A round they’re a no go. Predictable is boring, so you always want judges and viewers to be anticipating the next pleasant surprise. I always suggest some good quotes to be kept ready, if you can’t think of anything to start with then atleast a good quote is perfect idea.
  • Remember- people want to know you. With that in ,try to prepare answers that help someone get to know you. Write down anything that you’d ask a new friend and then prepare your answer. Try including the why behind your answer, it helps people feel more connected to you.
  • Be humble:  One important aspect of leadership is service before self. Leadership is a willingness to serve others. With that in mind, don’t let the competition aspect of an event keep you from speaking well or even promoting other candidates. If you’re asked a question like, “Other than you who should we pick for this title?”. You should answer honestly. It shows that you are mature and kind, and it will go a long way in regards to establishing your character.
  • Homework: Time to get creative! Set timer for 1 minute and try answering the questions.  Your answer shouldn’t be long or boring. Your answer can be of 8 lines, 2 lines introduction,  4 lines body and 2 lines conclusion. Try standing in front of a mirror while you are practicing your answers. It’s easy to look into the mirror because now you can see if you are smiling while answering.
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