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Use your unique strengths at the pageant

By February 7, 2024 No Comments
Abbsolu Ele the best pageant training academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic for today is Use your unique strengths at the pageant.
First check and know your unique strength. We all have ours you need to check yours.
In the new dawn of 2024, it’s new beginning,  new pageants coming up. There are many of you who have done few pageant audition and unfortunately failed but that should be a history. Only question yourself: “How do I get ready for competition and maximize my strengths?”
Fear not my girls something that you need to know is dead simple, it’s just self reflection.
Few tips for it:
1. Understand what make you YOU? What can you do what no one else can? What makes you stand out from the rest? To answer this if you are feeling stuck, stumped and not sure speak to your close pals, they would help you understand and answer the above questions.
2. Take help: Pageantry is not a road that you can walk alone, you need someone to lock your arms with, a good mentor can be of great help. Once you have identified your strengths and you know the help you need, start looking for it. The team that you build for your pageant journey will give you valuable insights and experience that otherwise you wouldn’t have access to.
3. Choose your mental soundtrack: You exactly know what you like to hear when you want to stay calm, music that peps you up, makes you believe yourself. Just listen to that. No negative thoughts, vibes or negative people to be allowed in close proximity of yours. Stay positive, keep working on every aspect of pageantry. Take your decision seriously. You are the one who will tell your brain what you will and what you will not allow, thought wise.
4. Make a plan: then follow it. Learn not to procrastinate your work. Make small goals and try achieving them. Being consistent is the most difficult and also most important thing for everything you wish to achieve. Make a plan, step by step understand once you have all in place you are good to go.
Many more topics to be discussed here on pageantry and personality development. For any query on above topic feel free to call on 96643 47414.

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