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Understand thin line between looking hot and not looking vulgar

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Our topic today is usually discussed in my class when my students are busy looking for a black dress for an audition,  also when girls are looking for cocktail dresses.
That’s when I intervene to make them understand the thin line between looking hot and not looking vulgar.
Low cleavage dresses is a big no-no at the pageant, I personally prefer short dresses with an open back, an off-shoulder dress or one off-shoulder dress is good, then you can accessorize it well.
Though the makeup is subtle with a light color on lips completes your no-makeup makeup look.
Too much skin show at the pageant is not advisable. You have to keep a balance when you are at the pageant. There is a big team of organizers,  many people involved so what you see all around is people. All eyes are set on contestants,  so good pageant dresses can make you quite a head-turner.
Though I personally believe a little skin show is a must but never must we cross the thin line. The line is too thin as contestants get carried away looking at some pageant dresses and that’s where they need a little guidance of never crossing the thin line and get on the other side and look vulgar.
All eyes are set on contestants at the pageant,  so the more you show skin you tend to get labeled. So wear the best pageant dresses even if it grooming sessions or photoshoot wear all bright colors at day and choose fabrics and dresses carefully for the night.
Floral short dresses are good, high waist shorts with crop tops are good options for grooming sessions.  Tube top with high waist shorts and matching blazer is good for corporate round breaking all rules of saree or trousers for the corporate round.
Open back is far better than low cleavage.  Wear smart and beautiful dresses for people to notice you every time you walk into the grooming sessions.
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