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Things to keep in mind for pageant audition

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic for today is things to keep in mind for pageant audition.
Audition is your first step towards your goal and dreams.
Read the instructions sent via email to you. Follow the instructions well. Do not ask silly questions on number that is given to you. The number is only given and should be used only if you genuinely have questions.
If pictures are needed than take professional help. The photographers know how to click some best photographs according to the requirements of pageant.
Once all is done. Wait for them to get back to you after the registration is done. If all goes well you will receive an email giving you all instructions and information which is to be strictly followed.
Once you receive the date of audition start your preparation. Buy clothes that they have mentioned. I always suggest check if you have something already in your wardrobe which is good to wear, check with your mentor or take mentors advice on it.
Check if you have the right footwear( also the color). Size of heel, hope you have practiced your walk well before you go on that stage and all eyes are going to be on you.
Read the mail what is the requirement of the dress. If it’s black then it’s black. If they write color any color but black preferable then choose black as that’s a solid color and accentuates your figure beautifully.
Practice your no makeup makeup look. Check what is regular hairstyle of girls. Blow-dry hair is good for the audition.
Wear the right color of nail polish, French manicure is good at the audition and pageant.
Preparation of strong Introduction and Q n A is must. Practice as many as you can. Rampwalk practice is also important. Practice minimum 20 minutes every day.
Once all this is done you are ready for your audition.
Any questions regarding the above topic feel free to connect on 96643 47414.

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