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Beauty pageant is celebration of beauty and womanhood. It’s the time when most amazing women from all walks of life come under one roof and showcase their talent. They compete with one another to win the crown that they have always dreamed about.
Beauty with purpose is the only thing that’s most  important part of competition. You have to understand giving back to society and staying true to who you are is important for everyone especially if you are a pageant woman.
Always remember the crown is only going to rest on the head of someone who is responsible, committed, determined  disciplined and works for society,  one who has a strong social cause, one who decides to selflessly work for society balancing her home and professional life and time for society is also very important.
At the pageant judges are looking for someone with 3 B’s Beauty, Brain and Body with three D’s Discipline, Dedication and Determination with touch of Charisma. If all these qualities are present in the pageant woman she needs to have quality of compassion,  empathy and be kind. If she believes in society before self then there is no way she would not become a queen.
One must connect with NGO and see how you can help them. There are 1000 of non government organization who need people to help or volunteer. You can choose between helping the underprivileged children,  bed ridden patients,  cancer patients,  old age homes etc. You should not only help them but also try educating and empowering them and make them the driver of their own journey.
Pageant organizers give you a huge platform where you not only showcase your talent but also achieve dream of walking the ramp and wearing the crown. In return they expect you to help and associate the pageant with their social cause.
In a society that says ‘put yourself last’, self love and self acceptance are almost revolutionary. It’s time you all must be a part of this.
Social values how we relate to society. Social values include justice,  freedom, respect,  community and responsibility.
Here are some things I feel  society needs more and you as pageant woman must know:
1. Empathy: It is sharing and understanding feeling of another. Focusing on how we can grow together should be your ultimate goal.
2. Respect: Mutual respect is needed for all of us. This is what makes us human.
3. Love: Having love in our hearts keeps us from feeling the need to harm others. Love helps us acknowledge the similarities we share rather than difference of color, religion or sexual orientation.
4. Honesty: One form of honesty in society is accepting yourself. With honesty,  you can admit your flaws and take the necessary steps to improve yourself.
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