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Should you bond well with co-contestants at the pageant

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic today is about bonding with co contestant at the pageant.
Few things I always suggest my students when it comes to bonding with other contestants at the pageant.
  • Always remember you are there to WIN
  • Be humble and kind
  • Help others but first make sure you are ready
  • Never associate with girls who are busy gossiping, trying pulling down other contestants, talking ill about organizers and laughing at other contestants.
  • Don’t wait for other girls to reach the venue for grooming sessions, once you are ready leave the room and go down, always remember that being on time is considered as good manners.
  • “Sharing is caring” is good but I also like the quote” help yourself before you help others”.
  • It’s very important to follow the rules strictly laid out by the organizers. If someone you are very close to( contestant) is not following rules don’t follow her. Just follow the rules.
  • Your organizers have worked very hard to see this beautiful day of competition where each contestant is going to put her best foot forward, please do not get influenced or listen to any stories that your competitors are saying. You are not there to probably see flaws in the pageant but to compete,  showcase your talent and enjoy the process of this journey and competing to win the crown.
  • I believe in bonding with other contestants but you have to know where you are going to draw a line and not go overboard with friendship
  • You are at the pageant to compete and win. Friendship can wait and can be nurtured once the pageant is over.
When I write all this please do not think that I am against friendship and bonding, what I really want to say is, do not forget you are a part of competition and everyone is fighting for that crown and no one means no one is going to sacrifice their crown for friendship.
It’s always good to get prepared and go that pageant is your dream, walking the ramp and winning the crown is something you have always dreamt of so don’t give up for anything or anyone.
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