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Our topic for today is prioritize your tasks.
Your tasks begin from the time you enroll for the pageant.
To begin with getting ready for your audition : Your audition is your first step towards your goal and dreams. Make sure you do very well.
Hiring a pageant coach: Your coach is well versed and experienced in this field and if she herself has been a pageant woman then all the more better, she knows her job well.
Surrender to your coach: Believe in her and she will help you sail through this journey successfully.
Pageant dress for audition: Sherri Hill is the best Instagram account that you can follow for your dream pageant dresses. Look for some great patterns and check if your designer can help you with it.
At the audition: Be very attentive to what your organizers are saying. Always have an alert body language, maintain grace and poise. Be ready for your turn to come. Hold the mic well. Speak with great confidence. Introduce yourself well, ramp walk and Q n A. Do everything well. Have makeup on, Smile and put your best foot forward.
  • Once you receive a mail from the organizers of acceptance, the main work begins. Pull up your socks and buckle your shoe. Hard work with enthusiasm begins.
  • Read every mail carefully. Mail on certain tasks have to be well read and understood by you, if there is any confusion call them on the number given or mail them.
Get all your doubts cleared before the pageant, there’s no chances later, they may not like you coming with queries when they are extremely busy with the pageant needs
Research closely on your talent round and National costume round. Hire a choreographer. Send the details as and when asked by the organizers.
Your national costume round needs lots of research and work. Try carrying props as colorful and beautiful as possible.
Prioritize your tasks as per your pageant requirement. First things first.
Sit with paper and pen and make your list. Number them well and keep ticking once it’s done.
Look for evening gowns, buy good makeup,  few denims and tops ,pageant dresses, stilettoes as and when it’s required.
Read newspapers,  magazines to get as much as possible and be updated with current affairs.
Practice your Ramp walk, makeup and Q n A well.
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