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Pageant tip- You only lose if you learn nothing

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development. Our topic for today is Pageant tip# You only lose if you learn nothing.
Pageant prep is the most important process once you register for audition of any prestigious pageant.
Pageant prep and studying the subject well is important.
  1. Choosing right color of footwear
  2. Wardrobe analysis
  3. Writing an introduction, practice with voice modulation
  4. Practicing makeup
  5. Practicing Q n A
The ramp and the crown do look very fascinating but the reality is opposite. The ramp is a very difficult and tough road to walk on. There are many speed breakers there are many bumps but the end of the it not only interesting but also impressive.
On the other hand crown is made of different rhinestones and is very heavy but honestly speaking it’s heavy because of the responsibility, duties and above all faith of judges and organizers.
So, when you decide to participate in certain pageant always remember the road and journey both are tough but the end result is phenomenal.
Same way the training is rigorous and it requires lots of effort, hardwork  dedication, determination and discipline.
This is all about your pageant prep. You have to keep working on every aspect of pageantry daily. There is no place for procrastination. First things first.
Work on your introduction, it’s voice modulation is important. Keep practicing Q n A. The more you practice the better you become. I truly believe you only lose if you learn nothing.
Keep reading newspaper, get more information on current affairs, work on your voice modulation, work on enunciation and pronunciation.
Clarity in speech is very important. Learn to speak every word clearly, keep speed and volume in mind. Volume should be neither too soft or too loud. Speed should be neither too fast or not too slow. Keep working on your introduction and Answers for your finale day.
Many more topics to be discussed here on various topics related to pageantry and personality development. For any query on this topic feel free to connect on 9664347414.

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