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Pageant = Stress +Success

By September 30, 2023 No Comments
Absolu Elle, leading pageant training academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Topic for today is all about stress the contestants usually take (may be not all of them). There are many reasons for them to get stressed out. Few of them are
  • Weight loss issue: There are many who cannot reach the desired weight before the pageant and that really is stressful for contestants. Either they have not worked out enough or eating habits weren’t right. Keep a target weight once you enroll for a pageant and make sure you achieve it.
  • I know it all attitude: There are many contestants who believe they know everything about a pageant. Instead of hiring a coach they prefer to learn from YouTube videos. Whether it’s rampwalk or makeup they think hiring a coach is waste of money.
  • Selection of pageant dresses is not right: Pageant dresses not only have to good and sexy but also you should look like a head turner everytime you walk into the room full if your competitors. Choose your dresses wisely. Study, search for good pageant dresses on pinterest, Google or go to malls where you have good brands under one roof.
  • Not choosing the right color of stilletoes: There are many who believe black stilletoes are a good idea as it will match with every outfit they wear but thats not true. Looking for right color is important. Usually the contestant is stressed looking at her co contestants wearing a different color than hers and is appreciated by the mentors.
  • Makeup is not that important: It’s a matter of stress when you dint know the right makeup as photographers need a done up face to click good pictures.
It’s good to be stressed but definitely not over reasons that can be taken care of by a pageant coach. Grace under pressure is something I personally appreciate and one should be stressed but about things like presenting herself, her grace and poise, her behavior at the pageant.
All this should be taken care of by the woman herself.
It works beautifully two ways when you and your pageant coach works together, when both of you have one dream,  crown is and should be your focus and that’s where the success is.
If you are stressed you will perform well. Listen to your coach whether it’s pageant or the one who is physically training you to achieve body beautiful.
Stress + Success is going to help you achieve your goals, your goal to win the crown,  your goal to take the responsibility and legacy ahead of a pageant so dream big, stress more and succeed at the pageant.
Many more topics to be discussed on pageant and personality development. For any query on the above topic feel free to call on 96643 47414.

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