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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
I personally believe your hair plays an important role and when I say this I don’t mean it’s just for pageantry but also in the modeling industry. I second this quote which I read a week ago,  the quote says,” Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off”.
Few tips that I can personally give:
  • Avoid heat
  • Deep condition once a week
  • Take hair vitamins
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat healthily
  • Massage scalp with natural oils
  • Apply egg mask thrice a week
  • Warm coconut oil on the scalp regularly
  • Do protective styles
  • Be patient
Few of my personal experiences where I have damaged my hair.
  • Excessive heat used for straightening
  • No oil for weeks as I was busy getting trained for my pageant.
  • Was too bored of my straight hair So shifted to curls which further damaged my hair terribly.
  • Diet food
  • Not drinking enough water
The above all reasons played their role in damaging my hair.
I became the girl with curls at the pageant and I started loving my curls and that’s when I thought if I grow my hair long, probably the curls would look much better and that’s where my research to grow my hair started.
The journey wasn’t easy, after a lot of research I decided to make hair oil which would help in not only growth but also repair my hair,  this was not all,  I also started looking for hair masks and I came across thousands of them, I chose few and started using it very regularly. This helped not only in the growth of my hair but they just started getting better with each passing day.
I need to bring this to your attention that hair needs the same amount of attention as your good health needs. With extreme hard work and patience, you tend to get healthy hair.
Good hair at the pageant is very important,  they are more manageable and you can style them the way you wish to. Photoshoot at pageant becomes easier n sensuous with good hair.
At pageants,  the way you style your hair can make or break your image. It should come as no surprise that hair completes the entire outfit and gives us uncanny confidence on our best hair days. Perfectly coiffed hair inspires and dictates how we look and feel. Remember confidence is the only hair product you will need. Clean and healthy pageant hair always wins the race no matter what’s the texture.
At pageant regardless of whether your hair is long or short make a research what trend in hairstyle is running. This can be achieved by reviewing the winners of different pageants.
It’s recommended to meet some hairstylists before you walk into the pageant they would probably help you look best by styling your hair in a particular way that you may have never thought of.
Bouncing big bold curls, an elegant timeless updo, or maybe even an elegantly braided bun can be what you need for your pageant.
There are few products that I personally like and recommend to every pageant woman.
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil
  • Hair masks made of banana,  egg, yogurt, and honey
  • Paddle brush
  • Loreal hair serum
  • St. Botanica hair growth oil
These are few products that I personally use which has helped in hair growth.
We will catch you next week with some exciting topics related to pageantry and modeling.  You can connect with me on 96643 47414 for any query related to the above subject.

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