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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and personality development academy in India is super proud to announce 2 victories in a row,  Deepika Kesur and Sonal Modi at Mrs India beauty pageants.
Today we have an important topic to write about,  Is pageant the place to make friends.
Pageant is a beauty contest,  it’s a competition to prove your mettle to the world. You have worked very hard to be there among the list of finalist,  winning has been your dream,  the big reason for investing time,  money and energy should never go unnoticed.
Once you land at the venue,  you have a room allotted and you have a roommate with whom you can be friends as you end up spending lot of time with her and also discussing your pageant.
Beyond that do not overdo things, do not make too many friends, always remember you are there to win and not make friends.
Usually once a group of contestants is made, you do not have much liberty to do things you wish to do. You are suddenly judged by the group that you become a part of . They expect you to support if they have any issues with fellow contestants or organizers.
In group everybody moves in one particular way,  lot of fun and ragging of other contestants is done, ragging does not mean any harsh way but they laugh at other contestants,  making fun of what she is wearing,  her shoes etc..
I always believe in making your own place at the pageant,  do your homework well on all different subjects of pageantry like ramp walk,  makeup,  clothes, strong introduction and good practice of Q n  A.
When you are thorough with your subjects nobody can pull you down,  your confidence is something everyone should be scared of, voice your opinion,  do not follow anybody,  be a leader.
Pageant is not the place to make friends,  may be one or two with like minded people. Your agenda should not be to make friends, then you have a freedom to do what you like, where to go, what to wear and you are not waiting for someone else to support you for things. If you have hired a coach, she has taught you the pageantry subject well, so you can take your decisions
You can always talk to everyone,  be humble,  calm and composed but have your opinion and do not get carried away by what someone says.
One or two friends you make become your friends for life but your winning the pageant has to be your priority and nothing else. You had friends back home when you came for pageant and you go back to them.
Pageant is pure competition,  give your best shot and come back winning.
Many more topics to write, till then take care and stay blessed.
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