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In pageant Knowledge = Power

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Absolu Elle the best pageant training academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
For all your pageant goals, it’s imperative to remember one thing: Knowledge =Power. Maybe things didn’t go as expected, and you’re hoping to level up next season. Or, perhaps you took home the title, but still want to find a way to bring your A game, regardless.
When I write Knowledge is Power I mean every aspect of pageantry or Knowledge of pageantry can become your power.
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Try talking to as many people as possible,  take a lot of reality checks. In other words a reflection can lead to a winning direction.
Few things to consider:
  • Watch your performance- Make sure to list your areas of strength and areas of improvement. Keep working on if. Little Reflection can lead to a winning direction.
  • Be honest with yourself- Once you’ve got your data and the feedback of others, it’s time to take an honest inventory of what you know; what you did well, what you need to work on, and most importantly- what are your most important goals moving forward?
  • Identity your new goal- Rather than trying to divide your time, energy, and attention into multiple areas, try to simplify everything down to one objective. Your goal should only be presenting yourself in best way and winning crown and become the new Queen.
  • Be patient, and consistent- If you want to win only two things will help you, being patient and being consistent. Your pageant prep is good so be consistent in everything you do.
  • Have fun, and be yourself! Whatever your goal is, stay true to who you are. Faux authenticity will cost you far more than poor planning or inconsistency because it’s easy to spot.
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