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Importance of social media for the pageant

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Absolu Elle, the best pageant training academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic for today is very important if you are or wish to be a pageant contestant.
People today eat, sleep, walk, talk and so much more about social media.
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Every pageant woman must have a strong social media account.
Pageant organizers expect the contestants to have a strong social media account as there would be so many tasks given by the organizers and they expect you to tag the pageant in every task ,this way they also get to reach more people and many aspiring contestants.
You should try to make this a win win situation for yourself and the organizers. If you post something everyday you are bound to get more viewers and that is going to elevate your account and in return its going to benefit the organizers too.
Keep working on yourself social media. Appoint digital partner who can work on it. Help you post what works best on social media.
Make sure your online presence is up to date and authentic. Update your profiles with recent achievements, content that reflects you and a professional headshot that reflects your pageant persona. Remember your social media presence is your virtual business card/ elevator pitch rolled into one.
One of the main advantages of using social media as pageant contestant is the ability to connect with a wider audience. With platforms like Facebook,  Instagram and snapchat the contestants can share the glimpses of their pageant journey with fans and supporters.
Your platform is the vehicle that gets you appearances and media coverage, helps you to stand out from other contestants and make connections to grow your network and its the way you are able to leave a legacy during your year.
Every aspiring pageant woman is looking for someone’s pageant journey to become the next Queen. Social media helps her find such profiles who have been updating about their journey so that she can closely follow and take her decision to get ready for the next upcoming pageant.
Social media is your profile and it’s all about you, upload pictures everyday,  make reels,  let people know you and your passion of becoming a pageant queen.
Today every celebrity big or small keeps their social media profiles updated. They keep posting about their travel, food, new cars, new friends, new party places and good food.
This not only makes social media profiles strong, it helps you get followers and lots of work collaborating with good brands. So, there are lots of things happening at the same time.
My suggestion to every pageant woman who walks into my academy is update your social media profile, keep posting anything and everything about you, let people closely watch your journey and take decision for themselves whether they are ready to take the plunge.
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