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How important is good roommate at the pageant?

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Our topic for today is about your roommate at the pageant. Every pageant gives you a double sharing room when you reach at the pageant. Two women are put together so that you can be friends, help each other and its always good to have a genuine partner in a new environment.
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Pageant prep of month’s can make you exhausted and definitely you are looking someone like minded as your roommate at the pageant venue.
You are lucky or not so lucky to get a good roommate at the pageant is very important.
If you are lucky then you may find a friend for life.
There are few things you have to keep in mind when it comes to roommate at the pageant:
  • . Be kind no matter what: this rule should be for life and not only pageant. There are times when you are stressed but make sure you do not vent out your anger on your roommate.
  • Communicate: communication is very important with your roommate. Clarity in communication will help you in thousand ways. Clarity saves your time and you would not get frustrated either.
  • Set clear boundaries: Try to be super clear about everything from day one. The side of bed you would need, using of restroom in the morning and if there is anything. It’s good to compromise if you are ok.
  • Address if there is any issue head on: you don’t like something about your roommate speak up don’t be mean or rude but simply address the problem, mention the problem and look for solution together, this understanding will help you a long way.
  • Remember why are you here: you are at the pageant to win, enjoy the journey, meet women from all walks of life. Enjoy the pageant platform that is made to enjoy beauty and womanhood. So at times leave the roommate agenda on one side and keep reminding yourself why are you at the pageant.
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