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This week HAPPINESS is our topic that would work both ways and both route, whether it’s pageant or personality development. Being happy is your state of mind. To achieve anything you need to be in happy state to give and get best results.
When a woman enters the academy for either pageant training or personality development course, i always teach them that irrespective whatever your feeling inside, you should smile and be happy.
Everyone likes happy faces, its rightly said, smile and world will smile with you, cry and you cry alone.
Enjoy every moment and live in the moment. Very little is needed to make a happy life, its all within yourself, in your way of thinking.  Don’t take life seriously,  everything is temporary not even your worries.
Take challenges, smile and be happy at every situation life throws you in. Being happy and a face that smiles often is most important part of being pageant woman.
There are many difficult situations during pageant where contestants are scared to face audience in number of hundreds, but if you practice every subject of pageantry well you are not only perfect but also happy that you are well versed with subject.
Being happy is best state that you can be in your life, nothing is worst than being sad in any given situation where you can be happy and smiling.
Choose the right things in life that makes you happy. Do everything that gives you happiness,  when you are happy you give others happiness. That is need of the hour so smile more and frown less. Everyone loves happy faces and happy people.
Every problem has a solution, there is no problem that you cannot deal with. Take help from others but get over with problems and get in happy state.
Absolu Elle helps you to forget your worries and trains you to be one of the best contestant at the pageant.
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