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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to the above subject.
Today our topic is Grace under pressure.  Once you decide on being a pageant woman or even if you do not wish to participate in a pageant being graceful is of utmost importance for every woman.
Grace and poise are two qualities that we intend to discuss here, as I am a pageant coach I will discuss every aspect keeping pageant in mind.
Sitting and standing postures are very important,  it speaks volumes about you. Sitting with crossed legs either from knee or ankle and hands gently resting on thighs are considered good ways of sitting. While standing if you cross your legs and hands gently on your thighs is a good way to stand.
The pressure of any kind, mental or emotional at times gets difficult to deal with, but never leave being graceful in this situation.
The woman is known for multitasking. Then why not in emotional situations too.
All this is written keeping pageant in mind. Once you register for the pageant,  there are many times you feel you cannot cope up with different tasks given to be completed in the time given by the organization,  there are contestants who start getting aggressive about it, at this time, you should only try completing your task in said time but with a lot of grace and gratitude for all the opportunities given to you.
Once you reach the pageant venue, the best way to stand out from others is being graceful in every situation.
It’s my personal experience when more than 40 contestants come under one roof for pageants there are many differences of opinion and there are times when contestants end up bringing disgrace.
Don’t be one. Every situation handle with grace, do not be annoying,  extra smart,  noisy, loud, bad-mouth anybody.  Deal every situation with grace. However tough the situation is, if you feel like crying, cry it out in the washroom but come out smiling.
Be grateful. It’s rightly said, what you wear at the pageant,  what was your final answer people may forget,  but people will never forget your good and graceful behavior.

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