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First time at the pageant

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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry.
I want to share my experience here as a coach when a student calls for the first time looking for someone who knows more than them in subject of pageantry. They are so confused, unsure and dependent. They sound so hassled, they are absolutely worried if they are on right track and if they are talking to right person.
Let me help you today how you can decide your pageant. First and foremost look for an expert or look for an academy that trains you for your pageant. How good is the coach and also if she is well aware of good pageant and all subjects related to it.
Now let’s come to deciding on a pageant. Do a thorough research. These days their are many fake pageant where they take registration and pageant fees and vanish in thin air.
Make sure to search few, shortlist and start your research. Visit their website, check who are their past winners, who have been on their jury panel and who have been their mentors.
Try checking who are the organizers and what is their history and since how many years they have been organizing pageants.
Dont panic on anything. Once you decide on pageant now look for a good pageant coach. She will help you decide the right footwear,  the color, size of heel. They should be nude color stilettos, while buying them check how comfortable they are, if they are strapped well, always try buying stilettos with buckle and not elastic, walk in the shop more than 20 times to check if they are comfortable and you are confident too in wearing them. Once you are sure pay the bill and you are good to go.
Work on your wardrobe, take help from your mentor to decide on cut, style and color of pageant clothes, It helps you to be a head turner at the pageant.  That’s where your competition begins.
Practice Makeup well especially no makeup makeup look. Try smoky eyes, try different hairstyle before you leave for pageant.
Rampwalk is good when you practice well. Try poses at the head ramp don’t forget to smile throughout your pageant that makes people believe you know your job well and you are a confident woman.
Many more topics to be discussed here till we meet next with one more interesting topic. Any questions regarding this connect with me on 96643 47414/ 9321456088

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