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Fear on the finale stage of pageant is unavoidable

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Our topic for today is Fear on the finale stage of pageant is unavoidable.
Pageant prep is going to make you very confident. You work on all aspects of pageantry.
From introduction to Q n A,  From ramp walk to makeup techniques everything needs practice.
Practice, practice and practice should be the mantra of every pageant woman.
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Even after all the practice There is still going to be some kind of fear in your mind and trust me it’s unavoidable. Anxiety doesn’t always work against you.
If there is one thing that all contestants know, whether you are a newbie or an old pro, it’s this: jitters before an event are entirely unavoidable.
Sweaty palms, fast heartbeat, anxiety, butterflies in stomach are a very common thing at the pageant. Hysterical laughter is common too. I feel its all manifestation of anxiety.
A pageant woman assumes this sort of feeling and energy is less than ideal- given that you have to perform- but as a pageant groomer my take on this is that it’s a good thing.
Always remember as a pageant woman if you are too passionate then it’s only because you care, you are nervous because you care, you care about smallest thing about pageant and winning means a lot to you.
Few tips for keeping cool head and working with your nervousness instead of worrying too much.
  • Addressing how you are feeling: pushing down or denying your nervousness tends to only aggravate the problem more, instead address the problem and pay attention to more important things.
  • Use the adrenaline to your advantage: That glorious, invincible feeling is caused by all the adrenaline coursing through your body. So, keep your mind focused on the goal and attack the challenge head o
  • Don’t worry and stay focused: Worry is often because of overthinking, so just STOP. Don’t worry what will happen at the finale stage just focus on right now and what you can control
  • Picture you are being crowned: Close your eyes and imagine your ideal scenario of walking the ramp, oozing confidence, giving your introduction, smiling and finally delivering your answer flawlessly and winning the crown. Keep this goal and keep reminding yourself I can do it and I will do it.
Hope this topic was helpful,  many more topics to be discussed here on pageantry and personality development. For any questions on above topic feel free to connect on 9664347414.

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