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Dresses at the Pageant

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Today we are going to talk about choosing the right dresses  for the pageant. It may sound easy and not such a difficult thing but trust me it’s one of the most important thing and so is difficult too.
We have to keep looking for good dress if we step out. There are pageant that have clear requirements on color, cut and look of dress that’s easy then because then only work remains is look for those prints and color. If you don’t find it ready then there are many dress designers ready to stitch something similar.
The difficulty is only when pageant expects you to buy dress of your choice.  No rules are laid here. Then you have to choose from thousands of them. Which at time is difficult and also too time consuming.
Pageant dress is supposed to look not only stunning but also you have to be quite a head turner at the pageant. The moment your organizers, mentors or Co contestants see you they should know that there is lot of time and effort has gone into finalizing each dress.
Solid color dress are some good options. Black, Wine, Lilac, Electric Blue, Red, Orange are few colors that you should keep in mind while buying.
Off shoulder,  cold shoulder,  strapless,  backless,  halter neck are some good options to keep in mind while buying your pageant dresses.
Your mentor should be able to help you with your dresses of the pageant.
Too lacy or net should be avoided. Try buying dresses of fabric that will help you look slim and tall. Fit flare is good for slim girls a little more than that can wear fit dress.
Workout in gym for more than an hour every single day to look thin and lean. You need to have a good bodyshape so that fit dresses look good. Bodycon dresses are some good options at the pageant.
These days playsuits are good, jumpsuit is good option. A co-ord set looks nic of same color. Crop top and short skirts are also some good option.
Shimmery dress looks very nice for dinner party or any kind of get together, try something that’s not loud but subtle.
We need to discuss evening gown which we will do in our next blog. Till then for any query connect on 96643 47414/9321456088

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