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Dress conservatively yet fashionably

By September 7, 2020 No Comments
Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and personality development academy in India writes week after week on topics related to above subject.
Today our topic is for everyone who think that if she’s not dressed fashionably she is not cool and finds difficult to adjust with people around her.
But as a pageant coach with one of the most popular pageant training academy I can assure you that you can wear whatever you want,  as long as you keep your comfort in mind.
Also if you want to and wish to wear something that is conservative I always suggest wear conservative but absolutely fashionable. Choose color and cut according to your body type.
Even if conservative,  don’t forget to check color,  prints, fabric in fashion,  its easy to select then.
Match your accessories with every dress you wear, it enhances not only your clothes but your body too. Select your accessories with care it should not be too loud.
Choose your accessories depending on your dress. Your footwear and bag can be of contrast color to your dress. Belts are in fashion, try matching it with your accessories.
Make-up can be your saving grace many a times, no makeup makeup look works best with every outfit and every color that you plan to wear according to the occasion.
In totality,  a conservative dressing can also look like a dream wear if accessorized well and good makeup.
Correct combination of clothes with good fit and good cut not only enhances your body but also looks stylish.
On Indian wear and saree good ethnic jewelry makes a lot of difference, colorful bangles enhances the outfit.
Western wear, belts, chokers in neck, a nice watch, smart footwear and great bag with subtle makeup and you are good to go.
A conservative dressing can be way too stylish than you have ever thought of.  Carry it with great confidence and Smile and trust me there is no looking back.
We are going to meet again with more topics related to topics of pageantry and styling.

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