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Coaching Sesh: Perfect your Platform

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
For personality development we have our new venture CHALK2CHEESE, one stop grooming school that helps you look the best version of yourself.
Our topic for today is coaching sesh. As a pageant groomer I truly believe that every woman who wishes to participate in City, State, National and International pageant must get trained and that’s not definitely because I am running a successful pageant training academy bur because I too had to go through vigorous training while I was planning to do a pageant.
Everything that I learnt during my training days I have put them in my course content so that students could learn more and pay less.
Coaching sessions is very important for pageant. It doesn’t matter from where you get trained and which grooming school you attend just make sure you attend one. You will surely see the difference once you are at the pageant. You are definitely going to stand out from rest of the contestants.
Coaching Sesh are your prep grounds.
  • Introduction is your ticket to the next round. Not only that it has to be strong but also the voice modulation is important.
  • Rampwalk training is as important as your T stance. Posing at the head ramp, walking with great confidence in 5 inches stilletoes comes only with lots of practice, practice and practice.
  • No makeup makeup look, is very experimental and important at the pageant. Makeup is an art and takes a lot of practice to get the right way of doing it.
  • Tips on how to win a pageant is important part of training, it teaches you different strategies, when I say that I mean the academy teaches you how to be honest and best at all times that helps you being noticed.
  • Prep for Q n A is the most important part of training. It helps you to think like a pageant woman and answer accordingly.
Never miss your coaching sesh, it may get tough at times but never give up should be your mantra. Believe in yourself and your halfway there. Every sesh has so much to offer.
  • Insightful journey of your groomer will help you sail through this journey of pageant very successfully.
  • Be attentive, try not missing any session, have questions or ask questions to your mentor.
It’s very important to attend all online sessions that the pageant organizes. For these sessions dress like you care. Sit with paper and pen,  take down all instructions and read once the session is over.
Many more topics related to pageantry and personality development to be discussed on my blog. If you have any questions feel free to connect with me on 9664347414 or send your questions on

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