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Close door interview prep for the pageant

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Abbsolu Ele, the best pageant training academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Topic for today is very interesting and important.
Close door interview is one of the most important round at the pageant.
When stepping into the pageant interview, ready to dazzle and claim your crown you’ll put your best heel forward by choosing the right interview outfit. It’s not just about looking pretty but making a brand statement that reflects who you are and speaks about the pageant you are competing in. If you can nail this part of the pageant process, you’ll leave a lasting impression and increase your chances of bagging the crown.
Dress to impress
Research well: Instagram is one place where you see the juiciest gossip of pageant. Do your homework well about the pageant. Understand their vibe and their essence. Learn what they love best about their contestants. Is it a plain Jane look or do they need a Diva.
First impression:  Dress to impress, walk in to the close door interview room with two important things, Smile and Confidence. Remember it’s a showtime.
Choose the right color: Blue or black,  Grey or Navy? Darling this is no corporate board meeting but pageant interview. Be bold, fierce and unforgettable Choose colors that pop and scream. Check what compliments your skin tone and your eyes sparkle. Pastel colors are great and check the pattern too. Queens please don’t try animal print where judges would get lost in the jungle print you are wearing.
It must fit like a glove:  The fit is non-negotiable. Your outfit should hug you in all right places like it’s custom made. You must feel uncomfortable in your outfit. An uncomfortable outfit is like pancakes without cinnamon.
Girls if you wanna slay at the Pageant then prep at Abbsolu Ele is  very important. We understand your needs of being a pageant woman. There is much more than meets the eye.
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