Beauty pageant is celebration of feminine power and intelligence

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Our topic for today is very interesting. It talks about celebrating women power and intelligence.
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I want to bring attention to most importantly though we are confident thinking we know so much about pageantry but the fact is it is so much more than an industry of beauty contests.
It’s a hub of innovation.
An incubus of ambition
And a breeding ground of pure, unapologetic passion.
A pageant is an opportunity to celebrate your unique strengths and talents and use them to make world a better place.
Beauty pageant is celebration of beauty and womanhood. It believes in your dreams much more than you believe yourself.
It’s a platform that puts your potential to test. Helps you pass the test with flying colors.
I believe only lucky women and courageous women participate in pageant because the prep here takes lot of time, money, energy and much more.
Intelligence has its own role to play here. What can really help you sail through this journey is your information on current affairs,  your prep for Q n A. As a pageant woman I believe one should practice at least 1500 to 2000 questions for the pageant if you desire to win.
Feminine power is not about women overpowering men, and it’s not about crashing the patriarchy and crowning the matriarchy – it’s about self empowering all. power in its purity is not a hierarchy, it’s not about taking power from another, it’s about unity and rising together in our individuality.
Every step should be taken very carefully at the pageant. Do not take anything for granted. Be respectful towards everyone there. Follow rules strictly. Don’t ever make it look I know it all.
Be a lethal combination of intelligent mind and beautiful inside out. Be an inspiration to many aspiring contestants. Have a beautiful story to say. Be positive and strong in every situation.
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