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Our topic for today is Beauty pageant budget. Its one of the most important thing to deal with once you decide on enrolling for a pageant.
Budget has to be kept in mind so that later you do not go overboard with it.
Your journey to the crown involves so much more than practicing your walk, turns and interview answers. Becoming a good money manager is your path to success.
Scholarship and collaboration is something you should focus on. That is also very important. Few tips for budgeting success:
  1. List all that you are going to spend on: from registering for a pageant, to hiring a coach, pageant dresses, makeup classes, advertising on social media, traveling to and fro for the pageant. Make sure you add every single buck here. It’s easy once you have budgeted everything.
  2. Brain storming: one of the most important process, keep brain storming to get best deals from stores. One good idea that I often suggest is collaborating with dress designers, jewelry stores so that you can get these things for free and don’t have to spend too much money on it. Meet as many people as you can, get things in lesser rates or free so that you don’t go overboard with your budget.
  3. Use your money wisely: Don’t try to flash your money wherever you go. Keep it simple. Invest in a good coach, who can help you sail through this journey successfully. Mock pageant, mock interviews should be an important part of your course. Learn about Ramp walk well. Try having your own signature walk.  Practice, practice and practice, that’s the key to success.
  4. Be a star on social media: Make as many reels as you can, make new post everyday, your social media should talk about your prep. Once different designers see your regular updates and followers they would be interested in collaboration. Use your budget wisely for social media updates too.
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