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Be the best version of yourself at the pageant

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic for today is not only going to help you at the pageant but otherwise as well.
How can you tell whether you’re really getting somewhere or not in your quest for personal improvement and growth?
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There are few important signs that will help you understand that you are on right track.
  1. Your mirror says, you are awesome: No amount of personal progress means much if you wake up clueless or are dreading the day ahead. The first thing in the morning if you feel excited and pumped up for the day and you are looking to face the challenges without any fear than you are moving forward with your life and that’s a good thing. When you begin truly valuing yourself and your life, you experience a rise in your sense of well-being and motivation.
  2. There is a purpose: Its very important to have a “WHY” in your life, there is a purpose you are looking for in everything you do. Your purpose can be different from others. Your purpose are very simple like, you want to do something for your family,  you want to work hard or you want to pursue something that you love. Having a purpose will keep you going.
  3. Self aware: There is no substitute for becoming self aware. When you spend time in introspection and getting to know yourself, none of that time is wasted. This not only helps you to see your strengths but helps you to fight your weaknesses and faults. This isn’t about judging yourself or giving yourself ratings, and it’s not about comparing yourself to others. This is about becoming keen observer yourself.
  4. You are not looking for anyone to compete you: This is about the romantic and relationship side of spectrum. Many a times we are in a toxic relationship that isn’t taking us anywhere but is adding more stress to it. Relationships are meant for growth in both of you,  but if that isn’t happening it’s alright. You are already complete, you do not someone else to make you feel that. Love and romance doesn’t really have rules, that’s why it can be so unpredictable and heartbreaking ( may be there’s a reason sad songs are so popular). Your growth will make you believe you don’t need someone to complete you.
  5. Your doubts don’t put you on off track: Self- doubt are something we all go through, but one sign that your doubts don’t bother you is a good sign and you are on your right track. The self growth is helping observing any inner doubts and more or less dismissing them.
  6. You face rejection without internalizing it: Rejection hurts everyone. Anyone who downplays that either hasn’t been badly rejected or hasn’t been rejected by a person, job or group that they really valued. When you care a lot about someone, about a job, about a group or about something you’re trying for, rejection hurts badly. It acts as a kind of magnifying glass and mirror at the same time. But once you know your self-worth nothing should bother you. When you are in the process of becoming the best version of yourself these rejections do not ever bother you and it no longer hits your inner sense of self- worth.
  7. What is your ‘best version’?  The answer is that it’s the best version that brings you fulfillment and empowers you to pursue your purpose and help others pursue theirs and also become empowered. It’s when you are most effective, engaged and enthusiastic. Becoming the best version is a daily process you go through and practice at, getting slightly more involved and excellent each time.
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