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Are you an annoying contestant ?

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Our topic for today is very important for every pageant woman.
Choosing a right pageant is important. Every pageant and pageant organizers have a huge role to play here. They have to deliver much more than promised.
On theĀ other hand you also have many expectations from the pageant. It’s two ways. Give and take relationship between the organizers and contestants.
There is huge responsibility on the organizers to manage the stay, food, clothes, finale etc etc at the pageant so least they expect is contestants annoying them for small things.
I have been a pageant woman myself and I know how annoying some contestants can be.
Few things that contestants do to annoy the organizers, co contestants and others at the pageant are
  1. Not reporting on time: This is one of the greatest reason to annoy anyone at the pageant, make sure you never do it.
  2. Not following rules and regulations of the pageant: There are many contestants who like to do their own thing. Not following rules.
  3. Not wearing what is asked for: There are few contestants who wear which is not in the list sent by organizers. For example there are contestant who wear saree when you are asked to wear denims. This annoys the organizers.
  4. Wandering around annoys the organizers: There are contestants who just keep wandering around aimlessly that completely annoys the organizers.
  5. Troublemakers: There are contestants who like to talk behind the back of co contestants and organizers. They are Troublemakers. They like to crib over every single thing. Whether it’s food, clothes, the room they have been alloted.
  6. Many a times when the pageant contestants are taken out for trip there are many who loose the track of time to report back and that annoys the organizers.
For organizers it’s not easy to manage more than hundred contestants and that leaves them angry and annoyed.
As a pageant contestant be humble, more responsible and do not annoy the organizers.
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