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Our topic today is very interesting and one important and common question Are you a goal setter? at the pageant.
No goal = No gain.
If you asked Mukesh Ambani, Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata or even Anand Mahindra himself the secret to success, there’s a pretty good chance they’d all have the same answer: goal setting.
Goals give you focus, direction and a real time progress report. Once you set your goals, work hard to achieve them. Good goals give you clear sense of direction and focus, and in turn allow you to give a hard pass to anything not conducive to staying on course.
Goals are dreams are essential in life. Pageants promote goal setting and will truly inspire a contestant to search her soul, think about the future and make a plan on how to get there.
If you don’t have a clear plan or your goals are not set, you will lose valuable time. No one is going to be of any help but its just you.
To cut the long story short, if you want real movement, you have to set a destination first, everything else can be figured out.
If we miss the chasing goal- then we don’t have anything to look forward to.

goal setting is most important for pageant training

I truly believe smart girls get what they want,  they are unapologetic,  unfiltered and unabashed kind of personality.
If you are amongst who got into the pageant game not just to win crowns and sashes but to make a difference.
Not only that, but you also jumped in because you recognize that competing could help you become the best possible version of yourself; the entire industry is one of the personal improvement and service.
Many of us are guilty of falling prey to the siren call of goal- oriented identity. But here’s the truth; winning a title isn’t a viable cure for our identity issues. If anything, titles tend to reveal- and even magnify our insecurities.
There are goals and then there are S.M.A.R.T goals. These goals are
S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Achievable
R- Reasonable
T- Timely
The first set of goals revolves around the prep of the pageant.
The second set of S.M.A.R.T goals will be what you will do when you win the title.
The third focus is on what you will do when the experience is over.
Many more topics to be discussed here on pageantry.
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