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Are pageants rigged?

By March 7, 2024 No Comments
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Our topic of today is controversial, scary and difficult topic to actually write about, but this question is on every contestants mind when she is getting ready for her pageant.
In a recent post by tgpc official on Instagram Jane Dipika Garret, the reigning Miss Universe Nepal 2023, asserts her prior knowledge of alleged improperties in the Miss Universe 2023 competition, citing rumors surrounding the controversy of inclusivity as a purportedly calculated marketing ploy by the organization. In the light of these claims, she raises questions about the integrity of the pageants proceedings, she said on a public forum,” I knew Miss Universe was RIGGED from the moment I was on stage.” This comment has raised eyebrows of every pageant woman.
We are in this industry since close a decade now and we have faced these queries from students often.
My take on this is not every pageant is rigged, I am not denying that few of the pageants are, and they have the audacity to even do it on face of the contestants which is very unethical and comes in poor light for the good pageants who organize their pageants with great honesty and responsibility.
This isn’t a fun topic, so the question becomes….how can you be sure your pageant isn’t rigged.
Do your research and homework well regarding your pageant before committing. Few things to keep in mind.
1. Check their history of last few years. Go to the website, read reviews on Google what the ex contestants have written. Do a thorough check before you invest your time, emotions, money and all the energy.
2. Call on numbers provided on website and ask questions. Check on what is their scoring criteria. How have they been judging their contestants. Do they deliver what they have promised is a big question? Try connecting with past contestants and get more information.
3. Trust your gut. There is always something that makes you sure of doing things, if your gut says you are good to go then you are definitely going ahead.
4. Once you have paid your pageant fees you are committed. So always do all your reference checks before paying, once amount is paid it’s not refunded.
It’s always better to be cautious than to be sorry. Blame game is not a good thing. Your research and homework should be up to date.
Many more topics to be discussed here regarding pageantry. If there is any question regarding the above topic feel free to connect on watsapp or a call. Our number is available on our website.

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