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When in doubt wear RED

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Our topic for today is all about the color RED. A color that’s bold and beautiful that’s how I like to call it.
While choosing red you have to be careful. Try not going overboard with this color, a little here and there the actual reason to wear red is lost.
Red is a very bold color,  if you can carry it with great confidence then there is no color like red. In my opinion and also with my experience there are many of my students who fear the color,  red dress or red lipstick is considered too bold so unless and until you are sure and confident you cannot wear it.
Red lipstick not only looks good and bold but is considered best during photo shoots. Red lipstick speaks volumes about you and your personality.
A red dress or red gown at the pageant is a great choice, try a few before you settle for the best. The embellishments look good. Try avoiding low cleavage or too much skin show if your choice is Red. In red, you can look classic and seductive at the same time if the right accessories are chosen.
Few tips to keep in mind while selecting Red
. For a more classic take opt to either show more leg or more shoulder, one or the other keeps you on the classic side.
. Don’t be afraid to match red lips with a red dress, it looks classic.
. Accessories,  keep it simple!
Few colors that look amazing when you pair with red.
. Mustard yellow
. Gray
. Army green.
. Blue
. Camel
. Silver
. Pink
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