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ABSOLU ELLE,  leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development and how to own the ramp as a model.
Check-In at the pageant at the right time or maybe 10 minutes prior is not only very important but also the best time to make your first impression.  To make it or break it is absolutely your choice.
Few things to keep in mind before you plan your first impression
  • Check the itinerary well and see the time of reporting well in advance.  No last-minute hang-up is good.
  • In my suggestion one day prior go and see the venue so that you are not searching the place at the last minute and don’t think of calling organizers for directions,  they may be too busy to attend your call.
  • Follow the instructions of the mail that’s sent by the organizers.  That includes the dress code and color, time to assemble,  number of bags to carry, makeup, etc.
  • Discuss with your pageant coach if you have one, the itinerary well. The color of the dress is very important,  take help from your coach, selecting the right pageant dress, the accessories to be used and the color of footwear that would enhance the dress.
  • If you have seen the venue one day before the Said date then there will be no difficulty in reaching on time. I personally prefer 10 minutes prior so that you are not late and don’t miss out on some important things.
  • There are going to be many more contestants dressed to kill, you should be one of them.  Wear the right color and right dress that organizers expect you to be in because there is going to be the 1st photoshoot of the pageant and organizers are so looking forward to it.
  • Keep half a minute introduction ready as you will be asked to introduce yourself to other contestants and organizers.
  • Learn some poses well, as now the photographers are ready to get best women clicked, so smile, pose well, and get clicked.
  • Now your rooms will be allotted, make sure don’t start asking for favors by telling them to put you in a room with your friend,  the one friend that either you met at an audition or in the morning.  She does not become your friend by meeting two times, be open to being put up with any of the contestants.
  • Don’t ever get into an argument with anybody,  whatever the reason be, if you do not like something just wait, things will become good, and if it does not speak directly to the organizers.
  • Check-In at the pageant is your first step towards learning new things and their new beginning.
  • Respect the organizers at all times, they have given you the opportunity to showcase your confidence and talent to the world. Be humble and affectionate to everyone.  Follow all the instructions given by organizers and in no way would you ever go wrong.
Many more topics we would cover in connection with pageantry and personality development.  Stay tuned.

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