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What not to do at the pageant?

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Hey new contestants, we are here to help you understand the pageantry subject well. Participating in a pageant is your dream but there are few important tips you must follow and understand what not to do at the pageant.
1. Don’t learn your introduction: Introduction is your ticket to the next round so any mistakes you will be out of the game. If you learn your introduction and if you forget even one line on stage,  you may get nervous trying to remember what you have forgotten. Make your introduction like conversation and connection with judges and audience. Practice your introduction for voice modulation.  Keep it simple,  honest, and worth the time of all.
2. Don’t invest in the wrong gown: Judges are not going to score you just on your gown, but the fit, the length,  the color, etc. So get it tailored.  The gown must have a great fit and should not be touching the floor that either you are uncomfortable or the hemline is touching the ground so then you have to hold it up. You may lose scores if that’s the case. Ask your designer to check it all before you pack to leave for the pageant venue.
3. Don’t get on-ramp without practice: Practice, practice, and practice should be your mantra before you get on-ramp. It’s not only about walking but your hand swinging while you walk, both hands should swing in the same direction, there are many a time you may not notice but one hand swings more than the other, or both are not swinging at all. I suggest you must record your walk and look for your mistakes and work on them.
4. Doing turns when you don’t know how: doing turns on-ramp isn’t easy if you ever thought it was. There are many who learn from YouTube and practice but it does not work that way. You definitely need a coach to help you understand every single detail of rampwalk. Posing is altogether a different ballgame. Not that everyone is good at it.  Only a professional and trained coach can help you to turn and pose well.
5. Don’t be late: At the pageant, you have to be everywhere fifteen minutes prior to the time given.  Always remember if you are not there someone else will be der. It’s better if it’s you. Pageant organizers score you well when they see a disciplined contestant.
6. Don’t carry so pageant dresses: Dresses are most important at any pageant, what to carry is the question?. Rompers, cute short skirts,  crop tops,  denim shorts,  floral print dresses, casual dresses,  well fitted evening gowns are good to carry. Avoid trousers,  jeans, and sweatpants.
7. Winning should be your focus: Each contestant is there at the pageant to win. Don’t lose your focus on anything. Follow the rules and regulations laid out by the organization. Be humble, soft-spoken to all, enjoy every moment there but don’t lose your focus on winning the crown.
8. Disorganized packing: Pack everything carefully for the pageant, you may have to travel to another state or country for the same.  Don’t be careless in packing,  if you forget something you may not know where to go and find it. Check your bags not two but four times to be sure if you have packed up everything.
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