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Tasks given by pageant organization

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Tasks are important and all pageant women must take them seriously. There are various kinds of tasks given by pageant organizations that have to be completed at a particular time. Contestants are scored for each task and more so when it’s delivered on time.
The recent tasks I have heard of are beauty regime,  fitness regime,  food regime, etc. The tasks are full of fun. The days when I was doing pageant and when there was no coronavirus we were to do tasks like tree plantation,  Independence day with tri-color clothes, etc.
The reason to give these tasks is to check if you understand the importance of a timeline and how creative one can be. These tasks are quite a game-changer for you much before your pageant begins. If an organization likes your work then they quite keep you in mind and recognize you just by your name because they have watched your tasks very closely and if your tasks have been exceptionally good they’ll remember you at the meet and greet on the first day of the pageant.
Take help from your mentor before you submit your work. She will guide you throughout to understand how should you submit your work.
Each pageant’s requirements are different,  you have to strictly follow all the rules set by them. The most important part of the task is the submission of the task. Submission on time and tasks are done efficiently is going to help you score better.
Tasks are usually given to keep you connected with the pageant organization. It sees your skills of understanding and delivering the task. I strongly suggest reading the rules of a task well before submitting it. Do each task well. You score well and these scores add to your final total at the finale. So do well with every task of the pageant.
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