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Sunglasses is our topic for today and absolutely my favorite. I love the way people call it by different names,  blinkers, goggles,  shades, specs, etc. I will refer and use blinkers which is my personal favorite.
Blinkers, at the pageant have their own importance.  There are photoshoots where blinkers can make you look stunning and stylish.
Swimwear being one of the important rounds at the pageant is usually shot around or in the pool, that’s one important round your blinkers would make all the difference.  Especially the blinkers available in the market are of great quality and variety.
The choice of blinkers is important,  the size, shape, color is important,  only buy if it suits you and not because you like it. Too cheap blinkers not good, you need 2 to 3 blinkers for different looks at the pageant,  so buy accordingly,  there are many choices to make.
Forever 21, Charles and Keith and many more fashion brands sell blinkers,  they are good to pocket and stylish too.
Keep yourself updated with all shapes of blinkers in all fashion magazines if possible,  so you exactly know what’s in fashion,  the shape, and color especially.
Goggles are such a retro name for sunglasses,  aviators by Ray-Ban also are great options for blinkers,  so many colors to choose from.
In the pageant, blinkers are sure to win more style points and show off your best assets. Dramatic in uncomplicated splendor is the work of blinkers.
Add style and oomph at the pageant with all types of blinkers, wear a  hat to compliment the outfit.
With everyday dress of yours carry a blinker and it’s going to make a difference.
Most people are aware of how important sunscreen is to use when outside…. well blinkers are sunscreen for the eyes.
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