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Strictly follow rules of pageant

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Today I am writing on a topic that’s very important and I always suggest my students to follow rules strictly of pageant.
There are times we aren’t happy of all the rules laid by them but you have to trust them. It’s all good for the contestants.
Rules of pageant are not meant to break. There are few rules that are common in all pageants. Few of these are:
  • Be punctual. Always make sure you are on time or before time that is given to you. It leaves a good impression of you and organizers may not say but they are watching you.
  • The arrival time, day and date should be taken very seriously. You cannot reach even 10 minutes late for your arrival, meet and greet program. There are many things lined up for you and other contestants like photoshoot with all contestants as they arrive. Group pictures have to be taken, so arrival of all contestants is important. Make sure you are on time.
  • Rules to carry all dresses as per pageant rules. If the arrival color is bright pink then you have to wear bright pink not any shade like baby pink, champagne pink or piggy pink. No excuses work at this time. On the contrary organizers are angry on this.
  • Rules laid to carry all articles for pageant. In no way can you ask things from other contestants either if you have forgotten or not got enough. List is sent to you well in advance. You have to start buying all of these things. Check your list more two times if you have bought all of these.
  • Complete all tasks on time. There may be few tasks that are given to the contestants by the organizers. Make sure you do all the tasks, complete and submit on time. Try doing lots of research on tasks given. Study and  Read articles. Think out of box to do task differently. More than anything else submit it on time.
  • Wear the color of stilletoes that organizers expect you to be in. Do not buy them as per your convenience. The heel size should be maintained. If they object to something just don’t do it.
  • There are many pageant that not only give you color of dresses but also pattern. Follow the same. Ask your designer or tailor to follow the instructions given. There are many a times designer wants to add as they think the dress might look better but that is strictly a no no. Tell them to follow instructions.
  • Reporting time for all contestants is same. So don’t get late on all days when you are for pageant. Sleep on time, keep alarm for waking up on time. Dress as per instruction and report.
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