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Our topic for today is Public Speaking. One topic that is common in all fields. We will try to make this interesting and insightful.
Few questions if answered under this topic will help you a long way.
1. Reading: This is one habit that’s going to help you a long way.  Read anything that you can lay your hands on. If it’s newspapers it’s better because then two things are happening, one reading and other updates on current affairs. Read anything and everything that will help you to work on your communication skills.
2. Make your own vocabulary:  One simple way to make your own vocabulary is by reading and looking for new words in English. Once you find a new word, write it down, go on YouTube and check the pronunciation. Try using the new word instead of the old regular synonym that you have been using for a while.
3. Talk more in a language that you are not comfortable with English is one language that I know people find difficult to talk. Most of the time they are worried about being judged and worry that people will make fun of them.  I personally advise people to not even care for people who want to bring you down. Practice in front of the mirror and see the change in your ability to speak well.
4. Push yourself out of your comfort zone: We perform best when we are in our comfort zone,  but trust me that’s not your best that’s just good, best comes when you push yourself out of that comfort zone, that’s with everything you want to do, speaking in a language,  wearing stilletoes,  trying new hairstyle,  trying new types of clothes. Just learn to do everything out of that zone and you will come out a winner.
5. Have genuine friends around: We are human and tend to make many mistakes at such time only your true friends will help you and tell you when you are wrong without judging you.  Have some honest friends around who will correct you, help you grow, bring out your mistakes and help you learn new things, and assure you that they are with you come what may.
Be glam, give a damn!!!!!!. That’s how one should be, we will meet you soon with yet another blog on pageantry and personality development.  For any questions connect with me directly on 96643 47414.

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