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Pandemic Pageant Goals – Goal: 7 TALENT ROUND AT THE PAGEANT

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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and personality development academy in India writes week after week on topics related to above subject.
Our topic for today is, Talent Round at the pageant,  their are many pageant coach who do not really help you on this but as a pageant coach at Absolu Elle I definitely help my students on the said round.


There are few tips I would want to write here:

  • Decide your talent
  • Regular dance is now quite boring as 8 out of 10 girls prefer to dance because they attend Bollywood dance workshops or Zumba dance on filmy numbers.
  • Brain storming is good to check what all you can do in this round.
  • Connect with audience and judges in this round is very important.
  • Playing a musical instrument,  ventriloquism,  painting, monologues are some very good options for talent round.
Once you decide on your talent, start practicing,  that’s very important.  Practice and work on every detail regarding your talent.
What do you plan to wear in this round is also very important. Keeping in mind your talent dress accordingly.  Do not loose out even on smallest requirement of it, from accessories  to color of outfit, shoes to match.
As a pageant coach i always suggest students to carry some props for their talent round which is quite an attraction and maintains curiosity amongst the audience.
Social message, women empowerment,  fight against dowry, child marriage,  sexual abuse  are all important subjects that can be thought of while you are working on your talent round. Their are very few contestants who think on these lines.
Whatever you decide make sure you practice and if possible take help from expert on every detail. Work on it.  Don’t forget to check what make-up you would need. Practice that as well. Make your outfit colorful and bright, nothing dull to be used. If that’s not taken care of your talent will not get all the attention its supposed to get.
Practice,  practice and practice till you are perfect,  Remember this can be a game changer for you at the pageant.
Many more topics to be written on till we meet next.
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