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Pandemic Pageant Goals: Goal 8-Photoshoot at the pageant

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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and personality development academy in India writes week after week on topics related to above subject.
Today our topic is Photoshoot at the pageant. To be a photographers delight you have to make sure that you know how to pose well in each pageant dress that you wear.
Accessories and Footwear also play an important role here. The pictures look complete with it.
During this pandemic time,  go through different Instagram handle of different photographers to see their photoshoot and how the models pose. Probably its much less work to the photographers too if you know your job well.
Keep the outdoor and indoor shoot in your mind, what will you wear can be asked to your pageant coach or take guideline from photographers too. Learn to pose,  try a dummy photoshoot at home with help of your friends and family,  by then you know which angle is better and works in your favor.
Go through different magazines where photoshoot are done of models, you can try all those poses and try few by yourself and keep getting clicked. Angle that works best for you is very important to study.
Read books on how to pose for photographers during this lockdown and its going to be of great help.
Once you reach your pageant,  there are already more than 40 contestants,  one better than the other and the competition begins, each contestant is at her best, beautiful pageant dresses, makeup,  footwear,  sunglasses etc but with all this if you don’t know how to pose for photographers you are quite a disappointment to him/ her. But incase with all this you know how to pose well also, then you become photographers delight and trust me he will search you among all contestants.
You are always surrounded with photographers once you reach pageant. If possible speak to them and exchange numbers so that oncd the pageant is over you can ask for your pictures and add them in your portfolio.
Great confidence in front of camera with good sense of dressing and accessorizing it well with smile on face can help you reach places  their are times photographers recommend you to brands who are looking for new and confident face.
Keep working hard on your poses and nothing can stop you to achieve what you have always dreamt of.
Many more topics to be discussed in the blog section,  keep reading and learning tips on pageantry.

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