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Pandemic Pageant Goals – Goal 9: Pageant Politics

By August 7, 2020 No Comments
Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and personality development academy in India writes week after week on topics related to above subject.
Today our topic which is not so openly spoken about is pageant Politics.
Your pageant coach should be able to help you to understand this subject.
Favoritism is definitely there, but as a coach I definitely teach my students to put their best foot forward, leave no stone unturned and master every subject of pageantry.
In no way should you feel that you could have worked on this or why did you  not master the skill of particular subject of pageantry.
Every pageant organization is different,  some are extremely professional and winner is selected on her credibility but there are few pageants which are only organized for money making.
This is one of the reason my first topic of pandemic pageant goals was select your pageant wisely,  study well about the pageant and also know their their history. Try getting connected to past pageant contestants and winners, I personally prefer connecting to past contestants as they will definitely help you understand the pageant well.
The pageants that have long survival history are good to participate. Do not hesitate to ask and inquire whatever you wish to. A good pageant organization help you sail through this not so easy journey with ease.
There are many pageants that are money making business and winners pay to get crowns,  but somehow I am strictly against this,  I believe you should work so hard that pageant organizers feel you are undeniable and deserve to win.
Study your pageant well, prepare yourself well for your pageant,  from clothes to accessories to Introduction to Q and A and last but definitely not the least working on your talent round.
I suggest that if you feel anything that’s not right at the pageant,  speak about it to the organizers or call up your pageant coach and take her guidance.
Many more topics to be discussed on pageantry,  till we meet next. Keep reading our blogs to know tips on pageantry.

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