Pandemic Pageant Goals – HIRE A PAGEANT COACH

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Absolu Elle, Pageant training and personality development academy in India writes week after week topic in connection with pageantry and personality development. In this time of covid19 we bring you series on pageant goals, this is the 2nd goal that we are emphasizing if you wish to be a pageant woman.
Our topic for today is Hire a pageant coach, this being one of the most important part of pageantry. I haven’t chosen this topic because I am a coach myself but because this is most important, only your coach will help you sail through this journey.
While selecting or hiring a pageant coach few things to keep in mind:
. Has she participated in any pageant and won any title or crown, because if she has then she exactly knows what’s in store once you reach the pageant venue.
. She knows what is expected out of a pageant woman by the organizers.
. She trains you with strong introduction which is ticket to the next round.
. She monitors your weight  because she knows how important it is to have a great body in pageant.
. She teaches you to be disciplined, dedicated and determined.
. She helps you to choose the right pageant footwear and the colour too.
. Wardrobe analysis is key point of pageant woman, your coach will help you choose the right pageant dresses, the perfect colour. Evening gown being one of the most important for finale, the coach helps you choose the right colour, pattern, embellishments.
. Pageant coach helps you with makeup techniques, she knows what makeup is best suited at the pageant. Best lip colour, nail polish colour, looks nice. No makeup makeup looks best on pageant woman and this your coach will help you better understand.
. Question and Answers is one of the most important part of pageant training. Your coach helps you practice minimum 1000 questions during your training so that you are well versed with this round. Current affairs and Improptu topics will also be done.
. Ramp walk practice is key point of pageant, your coach helps you with correct walk in correct footwear.
. Grace and poise is important through out the pageant your coach will help you with it too.
. Learning to pose for photographers at the pageant is taught and explained by the coach.
There are many topics that are going to be covered in these series which are exceptionally written for you to set your goals in this period of lockdown.
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