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Plank exercise did not make much sense to me few months ago.  Pandemic actually taught me the value of healthy food and perfect body.
Plank exercise not only strengthen your core muscles, they basically work on whole body. From your pelvic girdle to your shoulder girdle to your legs too. Plank strengthens your spine and abdominal muscles.
Above information is available on Google but I am here to discuss importance of planks and how it has changed my outlook.
7 months back I weighed 60.8kgs and accepted it half-hearted and thought that’s the kind of weight I will have to deal with forever. Until one day I decided to meet a nutritionist and get guidelines on my food and weight loss,  everything was fine and I lost about 4 kgs and then pandemic happened, with no house help and too much work I started skipping lunch, though my breakfast would be heavy and green tea sufficed.
Dinner would be at 8, intermittent fasting happened naturally,  I started feeling lighter and better but best was yet to come.
I hired a personal trainer Muskan Sharma, she explained me importance of plank,  initially I would do it for a minute or two. I did not realize my capacity and capability till my trainer left me to do on my own as she was out of town.
My journey begun, from 2 minutes to 20 minutes in day and 10 more minutes in d evening,  crop tops were a dream, but today in 2 months my body is become much better than what I started.
Believing in yourself,  handwork and discipline has helped me not only loose 9 kgs but a toned body makes me one confident woman, my fat belly is toned now, arms are well shaped.
More than anything else I have clearly understood nothing is possible unless you want it as badly as you want to breathe. Planks are tough, they are difficult but once you start it doing it daily you will start loving it.
I actually smiled when I read this very recently, if you think time flies, you haven’t held a plank recently. Planks tones up your body and makes  fitter you.
One of the easiest way to do plank is to hold it and listen to your favorite song till it ends, do as much planks you can and you will find a new, fit person standing in the mirror.
Many more topics to be discussed until we meet next.

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