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Pageant tips and tricks

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to the above subject.  Today our topic is tips and tricks that will help you at the pageant.


One thing is certain, pageants aren’t easy. Under bright stage lights and high-definition cameras, pageant women look amazing because they all have their beauty secrets. Today I am going to share some tips and tricks that will be helpful.
  • Keep your teeth lipstick free: Use vaseline on your teeth so that your lipstick doesn’t stick and makes them appear white too.
  • Dark lipstick makes your smile whiter and brighter: If it works for your face, wear darker lipstick to make your teeth look whiter and your smile looks bigger.
  • Aftershave has a hidden use: it’s not just for men but women can use it too. Works as an excellent primer. It has glycerin in it and is the best primer ever. If no primer uses aftershave.
  • Coconut oil is the best make-up remover: Easily available and not expensive, no hole in your pocket with this make-up remover. Home remedy, massage it all over your face and closed eyes, dry, no water, just straight coconut oil, and wipe it off with baby wipes.
  • Moisturizing your legs: if body lotion or moisturizers are not available, use conditioner or body wash instead of cream. It leaves your leg extra soft and moist, and it’s less expensive.
  • Facials work well with the change of season: Give your skin a jumpstart with every new season. Your skin with facials is reset with different weather. Your skin will thank you for breakouts and blotchiness it faces due to heat in summer and flaky and dry skin in winter.
  • Manicure and pedicure kit:  Any drugstore nearby picks up these kits, they are handy, affordable, and easy to use. Results are the same and the price is less, then why spend more.
  • Covering under-eye circles: Using a lighter shade concealer and then high definition, or reflection powder, and put it on your under-eye circles.
  • Chamomile tea and Peppermint tea: Chamomile tea de-stresses you completely if you have anxiety issues. It calms you down and soothes your mind. Peppermint tea is good to look fresh and get away with dark circles. Especially if you have a photoshoot in the morning and you have had a late night.
  • Give a miss to shampooing your hair: Skipping shampoo makes your hair last longer. Dirty hair holds better. The natural texture produced by oils and dirt holds the hairstyle better. If your hair goes a little limp, dry shampoo at the roots will give it the volume that your hair needs.
  • BB cream with SPF 30 is good for aging skin:  Foundation at times is a bit too much for aging skin, BB cream is good which gives a dewy even- tone finish and will become favorite of every pageant woman.
  • Flash double-sided fashion tape: A must for every pageant woman. Never leave home without double-sided tape, you never know when you may need it. You can use it on gowns, low cleavage dresses, and everything you can think of
Week after week we write on important topics in connection with pageantry. Keep following us on and see what goes into making a WINNER.

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