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Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development. Our topic for today is a packing list for pageant women. Your list is divided into four parts:
1. Beauty pageant competition
2. Everyday stuff
3. Awards and Cocktail party
4. Extras
Let’s write this in detail for you to understand all four parts in detail.
Beauty pageant competition:
. Pageant dress in best colors that look amazing
. Jewelry with every outfit
. Footwear of different colors and styles for all occasions, stilletoes to be kept in mind for sure.
. Fashion hairpiece and all other hair accessories
. Evening gown
. Evening wear undergarments
. Strapless bra and thongs
. Interview outfit for corporate round
. Interview shoes
. The opening number,  dress style, and the color is given by pageant organizers
. Opening number shoes, jewelry, undergarments
Everyday stuff:
. Underwear
. Brassiere
. Outfit for the trip
. Jewelery
. Makeup with brushes
. Hair brush
. Hairspray
. Toothbrush
. Toothpaste
. Shampoo/ soap
. Curlers
. Iron
. Curling iron
. Hair dryer
. Socks
. Bathrobe
. Slippers
. Body lotion
. Makeup remover
. Fake eyelashes
. Eyelash glue
. Lipgloss
. Deodorant
. Medicines
. Tanning lotion
. Tweezers
. Phone,  charger
. Camera
. Steamer
. Emergency cash
. Hair removal cream/ Razor
Awards and Cocktail party
. Cocktail dress
. Jewelry matching with dress
. Footwear
. T-shirt that has your name of the pageant
. Black bottoms
. Undergarments that fit under the little Cocktail dress
. Bobby pins
. Safety pins
. Sewing kit
. Bandaid
. Medical kit
. I pod
. Books
. Copy of your bio
. Xerox of your passport if the pageant is outside country
. Cotton balls
. Contestant number
. Good luck gifts (optional)
. Thank you cards (optional)
Keep checking your list while packing your bags, it’s not easy to buy or find a market close to your hotel. Double-check everything before you finally pack your bags.
Soon we will meet with new topics related to pageantry and personality development.  For any further information connect with me on 96643 47414.

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