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Our topic for today is LBD, what does that even mean? It’s Little Black Dress ( LBD)
The fashion historians ascribe the origin of LBD to the 1920’s  design by none other than Coco Chanel. It’s considered as one of the most loved and liked by women to wear on Red carpets. It stands as symbol of Independence and empowerment.
LBD is all about glamor and grace. Lot many girls wear it to either accentuate their beautiful body and few to hide their flaws.
LBD helps you stand out from the rest of the world. Timeless, Chic, Ironic, and integral to a woman’s wardrobe, the LBD embodies simple elegance and cosmopolitan glamour like no other fashion staple and is undoubtedly the century’s greatest fashion phenomenon.
LBD is a giant stroke of the genius, it can transform you into walking calligraphy. It is considered to be luxurious, rich, sensual,severe, exotic, lush, demure, demanding and frivolous. It should be one of its kind and must linger in people’s memory and above all it should be little and perfect black.
I personally believe and have experienced that LBD is more like a true friend of mine, I can run to her whenever I am confused or cannot decide what to wear because this little black dress is reliable and timeless. It gets you out of trouble and it is ‘go- to’ when not knowing what to wear. Undoubtedly  it’s a garment of contrasts as it’s impeccable simplicity leads to highest level of glamor and distinction.
I believe LBD is a dynamic gesture of individuality. The way it’s designed, it’s curve, it’s silhouette and it’s design. It’s completes your wardrobe.
Each and every woman should own a simple  elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It can be worn with beautiful jewelry for evening wear that can help you to make an impressive image.
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