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Our topic for today is on all time high confidence. It’s the most beautiful thing you can possess.
Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.
Pageant training tends to be successful only when a woman shows good amount of confidence in herself and believes in her dream to make it happen.
Pageantry has many interesting subjects and each subject has scores which the jury and organizers tend to give the contestant. Every step at the pageant needs you to be very very confident, when you are wearing 6 inches heels for final round and there it’s all about grace under pressure and that is only possible when you can hold yourself and your confidence and that can become a game changer for you.
In my experience of meeting amazing women from all over the world while training them for their respective pageants one thing that I see common is their dream to walk the ramp and wear the crown, few are with great confidence few are shy and that’s what makes it challenging as the latter women have to be injected with confidence time and again during the training sessions.
Only one thing that will help you is your confidence. There are situations where contestants blackened out at the finale round as they cannot handle pressure. All this is avoidable only if you deal all this with confidence.
Pageant woman always has to keep Stilettoes, makeup and confidence high. Always remember there is nothing you are going to loose incase you don’t win the pageant so enjoy the process of being a pageant woman and enjoy the journey.
Keep reminding yourself everyday that there is a reason why you are at the pageant, don’t forget your passion of walking the ramp and keep your eyes on the crown. Only confidence will help you sail through this journey.
Confidence comes naturally with success but, success comes only to those who are confident.
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