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Importance of Good Personality at the Pageant

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
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Today our topic is not only how significant is good personality but also how important it  is to to have charismatic personality at the pageant.
What is personality?
A personality of a person is what makes him/her different from the rest of the world. It can be described as a combination of characteristics and appearance of an individual- pattern of thought, feelings, behavior towards oneself as well as with others. It incorporates everything about an individual, his physical appearance, emotional feelings, social interaction, and mental and social makeup.
In this competitive world, having great personality is necessary for a person’s life. All get inspired by an attractive personality. Whether it’s job interview or conversation with a group of friends, there are certain characteristics that you must own to create your mark in society.
Personality development goes a long way in reducing stress and conflicts. It encourages individuals to look at the brighter side of life. Face even the worst situations with a smile.
Personality embraces moods, attitudes, and opinions and is most clearly expressed in interactions with other people. It includes behavioral characteristics that makes one person different from other.
A person with good personality is honest not only to others but also to himself. A great personality is one who would boldly admit they are wrong when they are.
Personality, is like an investment whatever you give to others. It will return you with profit. Respect is the most important element of good personality.
Our personality determines how we act or react to the particular thing and how we interact and respond to the world.
It is believed that a child inherits a lot of personality traits from their parents. Some factors which can add value to your personality are intelligence, social factors like school, friends, maturity, failure and success, culture, social role etc.
A great personality will help you boost your confidence level and face the world in a more better way. When you know you are properly dressed you become less anxious while meeting other people.
It is important to have a better dressing sense to be in a position to present yourself in an elegant way. You cannot judge a book by its cover, inspire of saying this people tend to judge you by your dressing style and appearance. You must be clear about what you should wear and what will suit you best.
Few tips for having good personality
  1. Be a better listener
  2. Gain knowledge by reading
  3. Build interpersonal skills
  4. Have positive outlook and attitude
Many more topics to be discussed on pageantry and personality development. For any query on above topic feel free to connect on 96643 47414.

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