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Importance of current affairs in pageant

By December 8, 2020 No Comments
Absolu Elle,  leading pageant training and personality development academy in India writes week after week topics related to the above subject.
Current affairs: knowledge of current affairs,  reading newspapers should be on your priority list the moment you decide on doing a pageant,  even if it is a virtual pageant nothing changes, preparation is the same.
The knowledge of current affairs is not only for the Q and A round but also helps you with group discussions at the same time.
Mentors and groomers at the pageant are highly impressed with girls who have answers at their fingertips when they tend to discuss current affairs.
Being good with current affairs,  the best way is to make reading newspapers your everyday habit and watching CNN and BBC to know the latest news and also know what is happening in the world
In fact, the year 2020 has been a year of many controversies.  Many news was around the world.  For example,  Election of USA, and Joe Biden winning,  Death of famous Bollywood filmstar Sushant Singh Rajput. Arnab Goswami, the well-known journalist was behind bars. ‘Love jihad’ by the Uttarpradesh government has gained many eyeballs. So much has happened this year. Try to update yourself. There were many group discussions on these topics that happened this year at Femina Miss India 2020.
Girls who do not very actively and aggressively participate in group discussions and answer in the second last round usually do not reach the top 5.
It all depends on how badly you want to win the crown and how many extra miles you are ready to go on working hard with your pageant preparation.
A pageant coach understands the value of winning and what it takes to win, follow his or her guidance, and in no way that you will not win.
Discuss a lot of Q n A related to current affairs with your close family and friends,  get their viewpoints too. Larger your vision and prepare your answers well.
Reading, writing, and listening are good qualities. If you don’t do any of it then I suggest you should start now.
Many more topics to be discussed.  Will come back soon with yet another important subject on pageantry.

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