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I must say this with all my personal experience of years that most of the women I meet are very nervous to stand on the huge pageant platform and especially for the last round and that’s Q n A.
Only one thing I tend to hear from aspiring pageant women and that is Ma’am I am nervous to be there, What if I forget?? What if I don’t remember anything and black out?? How do I stop getting so nervous and not have cold feet.
These are few questions that I come across connected to being nervous.
Few tips that can help:
  • Practice, practice and practice your introduction,  Q n A and Rampwalk. There is nothing impossible with hardwork.
  • Practice your introduction 5 times every morning when you wake up.
  • Q n A is one of the most toughest part of the pageant and finale round. You should keep looking for questions on Google and try solving them, any amount of practice is less if you wish to win.
  • Makeup is an art, and every art needs good practice,  to be confident you need to look good and looking good comes easy with good Makeup. Learn and practice your make-up so that you don’t fail at the pageant.
  • Make sure you wear the best pageant outfits,  when I say this I don’t mean anything expensive but for sure that’s stylish and a head turner. When heads turn to look at you, you definitely feel more confident about yourself.
  • Choose the right pageant footwear,  choose the right color,  practice your walk 20 minutes a day so that you are not nervous at all at the finale day.
  • Work on your evening gown,  look for some good one, visit few stores and try something that enhance your best features and body and covers all your flaws. When you are standing on the stage with thousands of people looking at you and your well fitted gown makes you super confident then there is no room for nervousness.
  • You can never ever be nervous if you are well prepared for your pageant under some good guidance of a mentor.
  • A mentor would hold your hand and help you sail through this journey successfully.
  • Don’t be ever nervous when you decide on a pageant,  just pull up your socks and buckle your shoes, be confident,  hold your head high and put your best foot forward and in no way can you ever be nervous.
  • Smile! Smile!Smile! One of the best way to shun nervousness.
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