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How To Play Smart At The Pageant?

By August 19, 2022 No Comments
Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to pageantry and personality development.
Our topic for today is how to play smart at the pageant?
I am not sure how many wish to know that but this is most important and I am going to help you put your best foot forward at this.
Few things to be kept in mind when you enroll for the pageant.
  • You are doing this pageant for yourself and no one has forced you for it.
  • You are not at the pageant to make friends. Everyone there is your competitor. Once you enroll you should know the war has begun for the crown.
  • Never get into any groupism where the contestants are forever trying to bring you down.
  • Always be alert,  eyes and ears open.
  • Follow every rule very carefully.
  • Be on time or before time when are asked to assemble in a place.
  • Never forget to compliment your organizers for giving you this opportunity and also your co contestants.
  • Your mentors that are invited by the organizers are important. Their lectures will help you a long way, its not about learning only for pageant. There is life beyond that.
  • Don’t laugh or make fun of other contestants thinking they don’t know much and you know it all especially if you are trained by a mentor.
  • Do not ever under estimate any contestant, their are many who like to play underdog and later you would see them shining on stage of finale.
  • Do your homework well and go and with that I mean your introduction,  Q n A should be well practiced.
  • Right stilletoes and good rampwalk can help you the choreographer like you more than others.
  • Be humble be nice to everyone at the pageant.
  • Be a head turner and an absolute stunner when it comes to dressing up and don’t forget subtle makeup and a nice hairdo.
  • Follow the list or the itinerary sent by pageant organization. Carry everything they have asked for. Don’t think of borrowing it from anyone.
  • Always have a smile on your face and walk with head high.
  • Keep your confidence high at all times.
  • Put your best foot forward and win the crown because you are worth it.
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