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Our topic today may only sound basic but it isn’t. It’s one of the most important process of pageant.
Pageant is a huge platform that celebrates beauty and womanhood and turning dreams into reality.
On the outside looking in, the world of beauty pageant can feel daunting to try to enter into. But, with proper understanding one can benefit from this.
Once you enroll for pageant there are many steps to follow:
  1. . Search the right pageant that you are eligible for.
  2. Check if there are any prerequisites requirements.
  3. Create your pageant resume.
  4. Decide on your platform statement.
  5. Write your platform statement.


Once all this is done mail your papers to the organizers of the pageant and that’s when you get an audition date. Read the mail well once you receive it. Double check time of reporting. Be there 10 minutes prior. Once your audition is done, you will receive mail of selection, if you are selected then your next step will begin of payment.
It’s no secret that pageantry is an expensive hobby. If you can’t or simply don’t want to take all costs out of your pocket, you may want to look getting sponsorships from your community. Getting local businesses to sponsor  your competition is a great way to boost your event revenue and strengthen community relationships. There are many designers who are ready to sponsor, get in touch with few of them who wish to showcase their work n sponsor you with pageant clothes and evening gown.
There are many who don’t mind sponsoring your pageant as long as you come back and work for community. Look for such people and get as much as possible help from them. For your community work you can try meeting some philanthropist, they definitely understand your work and help you to carry your work smoothly. Getting the right contact information is very important if you wish to get your pageant sponsored. Once that is done your pageant payment is done on time and you can start preparing for your pageant.
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