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How can you rock the pageant stage

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Absolu Elle, leading pageant training and Modeling academy in India writes week after week on topics related to above pageantry and personality development.
All women( may be few haven’t)at some point or other have seen a dream of walking the ramp and winning the crown.
Setting the stage on fire at every step should be a priority of every woman who decides to become a pageant contestant.
Few important rounds at the pageant are
  • Introduction
  • Talent round
  • Cultural round
  • Interview round
  • Presentation on any topic related to country
  • Rampwalk
  • Q n A
If you want to rock at the pageant then you need to know that you are competing with some extra ordinary women from all walks of life.
Make sure you have hired a professional to help you sail through this journey. For many people out there or many people I come across for them pageantry is very easy one can learn from YouTube video whether its rampwalk, introduction or Q n A. But trust me I am in this business since a decade now, pageantry is tough it’s no childplay.
Let’s start with introduction. Make sure it’s not only interesting but also impressive. You only have first 20 seconds to make your impression once that is done you have won the 1st battle.
Pageant is one place you have to do multitasking. You not only prove yourself but also impress judges, organizers and your co contestants.
Talent round is not just about dancing or singing. It’s much more you can try your hands on painting, ventriloquism, mono acting, poem, stand up comedy and there is so much more. Make sure to practice well and rock the stage.
Few pageant have cultural round where you need to represent your state or country. Get help from designer for this round. Make backdrops and props for this round. Research well on costume you are planning and state or country you are representing, there may be judges who may ask you questions out of curiosity.
Interview round is important, wear a good formal impressive outfit to impress the judges. Keep in mind the color. Accessories to minimum. No distraction at all. Just focus on questions and answer well.
Presentation on current issues is one important rounds of the pageant. I always say research well on any subject that you intend to talk. Make your presentation colorful, vibrant and important take away message for the ones who are watching. Try interviewing people for your presentation. It’s quite interesting to see people talking on related subject.
Rampwalk is one of the most important part of pageant, never see YouTube video and learn it. Hire a professional for the same and rock the stage.
Q n A is final round but needs maximum practice. Try practicing more than 2000 questions if you really wish to clear this round at the finale. Nothing can help you except practice of thousands of Q n A.
We at Absolu Elle are to help you become the best version of yourself on stage of pageant. Feel free to connect for queries on 9664347414.

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